The Best Paella in Gold Coast - Authentic Spanish Catering Cuisine

    Spanish Paella

    Our Chefs come from Spain. They will cook the the Spanish Paellas and Tapas following the traditional recipes from the Valencian region. They are freshly cooked on site at your party, event or catering in Gold Coast and bring to your place all the amazing flavours of the traditional Spanish food.


    We cater for every function you may have offering wide variety of options. From small bites to large plates, we serve authentic Spanish Tapas food at your corporate event, private party or wedding.


    Satisfy your sweet tooth with our Spanish desserts. Ask us for our available options. All of them are hand made, cooked with fresh ingredients and always authentic, catered just for your corporate event, private party or wedding. Choose our desserts if you want to delight your guests.


    Spanish paella in Gold Coast

    Our chefs from Valencia will cook on site to bring to your table the best flavours of the traditional Spanish cuisine. We offer a wide variety of alternatives that will perfectly suit your function needs. We also cover menus with special requirements like kosher or vegan.

    In addition we can often be found at community events and food markets where we sell our spanish Paella Catering in Gold Coast . You can also get in touch if you need our delicious paella, tapas, desserts and drinks for up to 2000 people at your corporate event, wedding, private party or any other event you want to organize. A Spanish Paella in Gold Coast or any other  location such as Brisbane, Sunshine Coast or Byron Bay will be one to remember. 

    Equally important to our fine food and experienced staff, we also provide a full array of additional spanish paella in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Biron Bay and Noosa. 


    Spanish Paella in Gold Coast and Tapas Menu

    Our wide selection of spanish paellas and tapas

    Chicken & Chorizo Paella

    The most popular spanish paella in Gold Coast and Australia is a delicious Paella with Chicken and Chorizo. We cook it all together with fresh local vegetables which make a highly pleasant to the taste dish for your function.

    Valencian Paella

    The Authentic Spanish Paella in Gold Coast arrived from Valencia. We follow the traditional recipe to cook this paella with chicken, pork ribs and also a mixture of local fresh vegetables (green beans, butter beans and tomatoes) and spices to bring to your dish the taste of Valencia.

    Sea Food Paella

    Amazing and special paella for the seafood lovers. This one is prepared with fresh local seafood (clambs, prawns, squids and mussels) cooked with homemade fish stock which gives the rice all the flavour of the Mediterranean sea. You can mix it with a traditional and homemade alioli sauce.

    Black Rice Paella

    The Black Rice Paella gets it’s contrasting color from squid ink. Having the squid as a main guest and packed with other seafood, it’s a delicious meal with a delicate flavour. This is one of our most special dishes. Do not hesitate to choose it if you want to surprise your guests.

    Vegan Paella

    This is our creation for vegans, an amazing combination of fresh seasonal vegetables cooked with rice in a traditional way. It can be cooked with different vegetables although the original recipe comes with mushrooms, zucchini, garlic and caramelizes onion.

    Tortilla Española

    This is, without any doubt, the most traditional and popular tapa in Spain. We cook it with gourmet potatoes, onions and free range eggs always accompanied with extra virgin olive oil. It the perfect choice to accompany any kind of spanish paella.

    Tabla de Ibéricos (Curated hams and Cheeses board)

    Choice of different ingredients served on a board with bread slices. It usually comes with Jamón Ibérico and a stunning selection of cheeses such as Manchego. This is one of the best parties appetizer. Choose this great pleasure for the senses if you want to make your Paella Party even better.

    Spanish Caramel Flan

    Another mandatory dessert in any spanish table. The Spanish Caramel Flan is a variant of crème where sugar syrup cooked to caramel stage is poured into the top before adding the base. Then we turn it and serve with the caramel syrup on top. Enjoy it!


    Book a Spanish Paella in Gold Coast

    Please choose your reservation date with specific time and number of people to book your Catering in Gold Coast. We also offer Spanish Paella Catering in Brisbane. If you are looking for a professional, but fun Spanish Catering for functions, event or private party with a little bit different service… ¡get in touch!

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